In addition to the Sunday club swim, there are a number of club competitions to participate in.

Event / Competition Details Pre-requisite
Matt Pearse Memorial Run, Swim, Run 200m Active member (bronze)
Dean Morrisson Memorial Handicap 1km swim Active member (bronze)
Bill Greenwood Ironman (men) Run, Swim, Board, Run Active member (bronze)
Diamond lady (women) Run, Swim, Board, Run Active member (bronze)
Open club championship

Beach sprint
Surf Swim

Active member (bronze)
Ocean Beach Classic Mile 1.6km surf swim Open

Seniors who are active members (bronze qualified) are also eligible to compete in the country and state championships. The events for the state championships are grouped into 5 year age brackets (eg. 40-44, 45-49). There is a great camaraderie amongst all the competitors, perhaps it is just to be out on the beach extending themselves. Although there are some serious competitors, the whole atmosphere is enjoyable and fun.

Don’t be shy, “have a go!”

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