The Bill Greenwood Memorial Iron-Person Trophy
11am Sunday 21st January 2018
This trophy marks a very historic, and sad, event.  

Bill Greenwood was a young man who drowned at Ocean Beach in 1957 while trying to save the life of his new fiance, Judith Burgess. Bill was 35 and Judy just 16 when she became caught in a rip and Bill tried to save her. Neither of them survived.  Bill’s mother was just about to leave London to come out and visit her son when the tragedy occurred. The following year Bill’s family donated a considerable amount of money to build a beach shed to store life saving equipment. And so in 1958 our Club was borne and every year we honour Bill and Judy’s lives with this Trophy event.This event is open to all Bronze Medallion holders.
Join in or come and cheer them on. Or just come and reflect for a moment on why and how our Club all began and what we are here for.