Read me for how to complete online membership. Don’t forget, it’s a two-step process (first, enter all your details; second, make a payment).


Become a member of surf club


Across Australia, more than 110,000 people are members of Surf Life Saving Clubs – with 12,000 of them here in WA. If you live in or near Denmark, we encourage you to become a member of our wonderful club.


All ages and abilities are welcome.


Choose from a range of membership categories depending on how you want to get involved. Find more info on each category down the page.


2021-2022 season fees

  • Woodside Nipper 5yo-13yo..$80
  • Cadet 13yo-15yo………………$80
  • Active Youth 15yo-18yo…….$125
  • Active Senior 18+……………..$125
  • Award Member 18+…………..$125
  • Associate…………………………$125
  • Probationary ……………………$125
  • Social Member…………………..$65
  • Nipper Parent…………………….$65
  • Family Cap* …………………….$250

At least one parent of a Nipper or Cadet member must be a financial member.

*The Family Cap is the maximum amount that any family is required to pay. Each family member must register in one of the member categories.

Kidsport funding is available for Concession Card Holders.


Please note that all 18+ club members MUST have a Working With Children card. This is a SLSWA requirement.


This category is for young people who want to have fun and learn surf skills. We encourage a parent/guardian to to join the Club with Junior members.


    As cadets our members will take part in their first formal life saving qualifications – gaining their Surf Rescue Certificate initially and then their Bronze in the year they turn 15. Once they have gained their SRC or Bronze they will be placed in patrols.

    13 – 15 years of age by the 30th September

    Active Member 15+

    These members are required to gain their Bronze medallion and become patrolling members of the club.

    Active 15+ (15 years and over as at the 30th September)

    Social or Associate

    24 years and older

    • Access to club education resources, courses and awards.
    • Able to attend club training depending on ability and meeting any required pre-requisite.
    • Able to attend club swim training depending on meeting any required pre-requisites.
    • Access to club facilities and club social events


    • Access to club facilities and social events.
    • Not eligible to use club equipment or take part in any club training or courses.
    • Can take part in community swim.

    Woodside Nippers Parent

    This new category is designed to encourage parents who may wish to assist in the Woodside Nipper Activities program, and is a great way to join in the fun on Sundays. Membership is essential to be covered by insurance therefore the Woodside Nippers Parent fee is discounted to partially cover the club’s cost.

    Here’s what it includes:

    • Can be involved in the Woodside Nippers program as an AGM or Assistant and be covered by insurance
    • Can help with the Woodside Nippers program and be covered by insurance
    • Can help with Water Safety and do Woodside Nippers Rescue Certificate
    • Can take part in community swim
    • Access to club facilities
    • Not eligible to use club equipment unless award is upgraded to SRC or Bronze with an active membership
    • Not eligible to enrol in club education courses unless membership is upgraded to Associate

    Family Groups

    • A person must be a member of a club to create a Family Group eg if parent/s are not required to join a club as part of a Woodside Nippers program or a not a member of the senior club they cannot create a Family Group. If this is the case each child participating in Woodside Nippers will have to have their own Members Area account created and be renewed individually.
    • A family group must have one primary member who is 18 years or older, and one standard member
    • Members must have an email address in their profile to be added to a family group as a Primary Member
    • Members can create Family Groups via their Members Area account
    Club fees, which we have deliberately kept low, are required to keep our Club functioning and to cover such things as insurance, administration, equipment purchase and maintenance, running costs, building maintenance, Association Registration and Affiliation.

    In return for the low fees we do ask our members to assist in some fundraising during the season and the expectation is for every family to do at least one shift in the kiosk over summer. This is not onerous and should only be a few hours of your time, so please lend a hand to help spread the load. The Government does not directly inject funds into Surf Lifesaving Clubs and as a result fees and fundraising are required to meet all our ongoing costs.

    The Annual General Meeting is at the end of June and the season is usually from October/November through to March/April. Signing up for the new season is therefore usually from September onwards when any changes to fees and membership details have been finalised.

    Social notes

    Social events are organised throughout the season and promoted in our newsletters and with flyers and notes around the club. These events are open to every-one including members, parents of Juniors and anyone interested in our activities. Keep your eyes and ears open for these events because we would love to see you there.

    Can I bring friends to the club?

    Family and friends are welcome to come down to the Club for social functions. However, only current financial members of the Club are allowed to use club equipment and the club facilities such as the showers, change rooms and ‘board’ room.

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