Rip Current Safety

Avoiding Rip Currents

The best advice is to avoid rip currents altogether. To reduce the likelihood of getting caught in a rip current, you need to:

  • Always swim between the red and yellow flags
  • Observe all safety signs
  • Obey all instructions from the surf lifesavers and lifeguards
  • Understand what a rip current is
  • Know how to spot rip currents and look for the common signs; deeper, darker water and fewer breaking waves.
  • Do not swim in or near a rip current

You can survive rip currents by knowing your options:

  • To avoid rip currents, always swim between the red and yellow flags.
  • If you need help; stay calm, float, and raise an arm to attract attention.
  • To escape a rip, swim parallel to the beach.
  • Always conserve your energy, the waves can assist you back to the beach.

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